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Although no one wishes for disasters, the fact is that they do happen and one of those disasters is flooding and water damage. Floods and water damage from them is very real for those in the path of a storm or hurricane. For most of us, the biggest asset we will own is our home. As such, knowing how to take good care of it is imperative.

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It is important to learn as much as is possible so that you can be prepared in the unfortunate event something like water damage from flooding in Paradise Valley were to happen. This article will share some tips worth knowing about what to do when water damage occurs. Consider the time reading this short article as an investment in protecting your biggest asset.

We Will Respond to Your Paradise Valley Flood Quickly and Safely

When we’re talking water damage, time is everything. While it is not a happy event, it has happened, so do not waste time wondering or lamenting. The first thing to do is to shut off all electricity and gas. Safety is your first priority. We know electricity and water means bad news. So turn them off for your safety and to prevent further damage.

The next thing is to contact the services of a Paradise Valley water damage restoration company. Go for those companies that have extensive experience in water damage restoration. It will also be advisable to go for those that offer round the clock service as water damage doesn’t choose when to strike.

Before now, I’ll advise you to do your research on which company to choose. Make this choice when there’s no pressure. Putting this decision off till a water damage occurs is bad as you may end up making a wrong decision occasioned by the pressure you’re under.

Professional Content Removal and Pack-Out Service

The next step is to pack-out contents from within the vicinity of the water damage, including all furniture and any other pieces of property whether or not they’re in direct contact with the water. This is because the presence of the water, along with the relatively high humidity will generally cause contamination of your items.

For those pieces you can not remove for instance heavy furniture, you can try wrapping up those parts that are in contact with water or may come in contact with water with water proof material like some tarp. This is a temporary measure pending the time your Paradise Valley water damage restoration company sends their crew down. Which brings to mind one other thing to note when choosing a water damage restoration services company: choose one that provides content removal and pack-out services as well as helping you store your items.

Complete Moisture Detection, Water Removal and Dryout Services

As much as you can begin drying out the room. Open up any windows to allow some air in, in addition use fans and dehumidifiers to assist in this process. The use of a mild detergent on all damp areas is not a bad idea. The detergent will help to kill any harmful organisms that can develop. Not only that, the detergent helps kill off mold. Mold and bacteria will almost begin to form immediately, in fact they form under 24hours and they spread rapidly. Their presence constitutes a serious health hazard to anyone who lives in the house.

Professional Inspection and Free Estimates

Depending on the amount of water involved, you may be able to get rid of the water yourself. If you’re unable to, your water damage restoration company will do that for you. However, if a more severe case of water damage has occurred for instance involving a large part of the walls or floor, then it is imperative that your Paradise Valley water damage repair contractor step in to handle the damage.

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Bill Kelty

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