Facts About Earth Friendly Paints

You may not know that standard paints give off solvents into the air during curing and vaporization, and as you’ll probably be able to imagine, this isn’t a positive thing. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are finding their way into the the air. The risks with this are the problems of smog, the adverse effect on the ozone layer and problems connected to global warming. This leads us search for new types of paint to use as we become more informed about these dangers.

Back in the 1990s, when we saw the first Earth friendly paints, they didn’t become popular.

So people nowadays realize that using normal paints add to global warming and other issues, so certainly they’ll begin using eco friendly paints? Those with expertise in painting have to be convinced. There are some Paradise Valley house painters that say¬†paints that don’t have the volatile organic compounds aren’t as good as paints that do contain them, even if the marketers claim the opposite. These professionals also assert that these environmentally friendly paints also require numerous coats in order to see the same finish as typical paints, and that they are not long lasting.

However, taking into account that VOCs are attributed to health issues, like asthma and headaches, a lot of people are switching from paints with VOCs to Earth friendly paints, giving the industry no alternative but to respond.

Latex paint which is water based might just be an solution to this concern. Since VOCs are not present, it means they are Earth friendly. However, as with almost everything, there is a drawback: latex paints can’t be used to paint on iron since they’re water based, which ends up making the iron rust much quicker. Irrespective of this downside, latex paints are becoming extremely popular with consumers.

So for us to view a paint as eco friendly, we have to know its contents and how it was created. For instance, Titanium Dioxide is used in numerous paints because of its whiteness, meaning it can effectively hide other paints. Making Titanium Dioxide may cause sulfuric acid to be produced. The manner in which the acid is discharged is environmentally harmful because the sea is its ultimate stop.

Smog is caused by Titanium Dioxide reacting with the sun when used outdoors. A carcinogen that could cause cancer further has implications with Titanium Dioxide. Despite the fact that these issues are well-known Titanium Dioxide remains widely used in paints.

Earth friendly paints are going to become more widely used as we start to understand the harmful effects that normal paints have on our health and in our environment.

Bill Kelty
Bill Kelty

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